¿What is Hexasional?

Hexasional was born from a dream, which is to grow as a company that seeks to promote the talent and businesses of thousands of Mexicans who want to leave their mark.
We are a team where our interest is to provide the best service and support to all those who own a business or seek to start it with creative ideas, perseverance, intelligence and strategy, accompanying them from the beginning to the peak of their effort.

We support you from the moment a business idea arises in your head

With services such as Business Planning, Business Model Creation, Service or Product Creation.

From the Administrative, Legal and Accounting part

With services such as, Regime Registration, Comprehensive Accounting for any size of company, Fiscal and Accounting Strategies, Execution of Contracts, Articles of Incorporation.

Until the Commercial, Marketing and Social Networks part

With services such as, Commercial Image, Branding, Website Development, Market Study, Implementation of Advertising Campaigns, Content Creation.

Process of creating a company

These are the levels that we consider as the main pillars of a company, tell us what step you are in so we can help you!


Business Idea, Planning and Model


Finance, Accounting and Tax Strategy


Legal Frameworks, Trademark Registration and Incorporation of Companies


Administration and finance


Branding and Corporate Image


Web Development, Hosting and E-Commerce


Digital Marketing, Network Management and Audiovisual Production


Talent, Selection and Recruitment of Personnel

Take your Business
to the next level

Comprehensive Professional Services

The Road to Success is Education

Diploma in Digital Marketing | Next dates



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Monday to Friday from 10:00 am - 18:00 pm                         

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