Some of Our Services

-Business idea
     -Business Planning
-Creation of Business Mode
 -Creation of Services or Products
-Business Philosophy (Mission-Vision-Values)
-Business Scalability
-Business consulting

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  • We help you land your business idea
  • We do Business Planning
  • We create the Business Model
  • We create your Services or Products
  • We implement the Business Philosophy (Mission-Vision-Values)
  • We Check the Viability for Business Scalability
  • We do the complete Business Consulting and continue to the next Level


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why shouldn't I as an entrepreneur do everything alone? Whether you are an expert or not, get help. This can mean a team, a learning platform, new processes, or a mentor. Focus on growing and managing your business. Try to delegate everything else. Another option is to outsource your services to a white label company, especially when you don't have much experience in all digital marketing platforms and areas of a business. Outsourcing is not only a profitable way to scale your business, but also a way to offer higher quality and expand your offerings.

Why not overcharge when starting a business? Don't overcharge. This does not mean that you will work for free, only that you will charge a fair price. Your price should be enough to generate profits, with room to work and get good results for your clients. Later, when your clients see the value of your work, you can think about raising prices. The key to long-term success is retention. Keep your customers happy and don't overvalue your services. Let them see the value you can bring to their business, earn their trust and make them see that you are the expert they need.

In simple words, this term in English means to work as best as possible with the resources at hand. Basically, don't wait until you have money to get things done. The lack of external funding can be a curse or a blessing because if you can start with what you have, in 18 months you will not have to worry about paying an investor.

For everything in your life you need a plan. The same is said for business. Every company, be it a startup or a valuable organization, needs a business plan. To know where you are going, you need to know where you came from and what happened before you, there are 7 steps to consider when making a business plan: 1. Executive summary, 2. Description of the business, 3. Products and services, 4. Sales and marketing, 5. Operations, 6. Administrative team, 7. Development

Benchmarking, also called benchmarking, is one of the most popular and effective business practices, and it is not limited to any particular area or company size. In summary, this tool consists of making a comparison between your business and the competition (both direct and indirect), as well as with leading businesses in other industries or other markets with the intention of discovering and analyzing what their winning strategies are and, if possible, apply them in your own company.

Follow the “3 Rs”, I am not talking about reducing, reusing and recycling; This is something different: it is actually a rapid-recover-revenue or rapid recovery of income in Spanish. And according to McKinsey, the Three Rs is one of the strategies you should use if you want your business to go back strong. "Speed matters: it will not be enough for companies to gradually recover revenues as the crisis subsides"

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